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I strive to be the best version of myself and I'm passionate to help my clients to do the same.

We'll work together to make sure you are in alignment with your inner yourself and we'll be focused on your state of mind to make everything you desire possible.

I'm currently studying for my Accredited Diploma In Transformational Coaching at Animas and I'm also
mentored by a Senior Coach at Tony Robbins International.

For a very long time I had put a lot of effort and energy in jobs that were mainly causing me frustration. I was continuously revisiting and evaluating my daily actions, words and thoughts and I was blaming myself for not being as I wanted to be. I had the continuous feeling of “not being good enough” and I was sure people judged me exactly in the same way. It didn’t matter all the times where I had actually succeeded or did a good job; inside I felt a “fraud”.
My mind was continuously sending me negative messages.
In several occasions all I wanted was to shut up my mind, have a break from myself and enjoy my life, but I was trapped in my mental patterns. Not surprisingly, this was affecting negatively all the aspects of my life.

     Then, one day I decided I had enough; I stopped pretending I could handle the situation and I reached out to a life coach.
It has been a life changing choice.

It has been one year of hard work and continuos amazing discoveries about myself and my limiting believes. Today I’m finally aware of my mental patterns and I can now replace them with different mechanisms which make me fell happy, complete, strong and excited about myself, my reality and my future. The quality of my whole life has significantly increased.

     My journey is just at the beginning and I can't wait to give back to people as a life coach what I've received as a choachee.
     I'm currently trained by a Senior Coach at Tony Robbins International
I’m happy to offer 3 free sessions of 1 hr each.
My sessions can be either in English or in Italian.

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